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PAC CUP 2016

Attention tennis aces! It's time to build a winning combination of SF talent, hard work and team spirit to take on the road to Portland, Oregon and bring the Pac Cup back home to SF. We aim to have a blast and win doing it. Do you have what it takes? 

Pac Cup is a two-day tournament between the cities of San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver, and will be held on September 24-25 in Portland, Oregon at the Tualatin Hills Tennis Center (all indoors!). Pac Cup is for men who are no higher GLTA-rated than "B" and women who are no higher GLTA-rated than "A". You must also have a valid and current GLTA rating to be eligible. Up to three players on the team can have either a “B” singles or “B” doubles rating and an “A” rating in the other.  These players would only be able to play in the event for which they have a “B” rating.  If you do not have a rating, you will need to play a GLTA tournament by July 15th in order to obtain a GLTA rating.  One “unrated” player may also join the team at the discretion of the captains. If you are interested in the “unrated” spot, please contact the captains.

The format of the Pac Cup tournament is 12 singles matches and 12 doubles matches for each team.  All singles are played on the first day, and all doubles are played on the second day. The final team that will travel to Portland will be comprised of about 18 people total, including singles and doubles specialists. Final selection criteria will be based upon past tournament results (both USTA and GLTA/GLTF), performance at tryouts and practices, and participation in the process.  As this is a team competition, the team element is a strong factor.  Final team selection is expected by mid-late July.

If you are interested in trying out, and we hope you are, you MUST attend one of the following tryout/introductory sessions OR must let us know that you still want to try out for the team even though you are unable to make any of these three.

The three initial tryout/introductory sessions at SFSU ($5 charge per player per practice): 

Saturday June 18 at 10 AM

Sunday June 26 at 10 AM

Thursday June 23 at 6 PM

Subsequent tryouts/practice times at SFSU TBD.

The subsequent team practices will follow a schedule of alternating weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) at 6 PM and alternating Saturday/Sunday sessions with variable start times to accommodate as many schedules as possible.

As in the past, we are committed to making this an open, fun, and competitive tournament!

Please show up at the tryout/introductory sessions if you are interested or send an email to Marty Tilzer at and Jason Goodrick at and indicate which of the sessions you are planning to attend.

For questions, contact Marty at and/or Jason at


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