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2016 Dates:  Aug 20, 21

Hosting City:  Vancouver

Summer is here and that means it's time for WEST COAST CUP!!!

It's happening Aug 20-21 in beautiful Vancouver, BC. 

We'll be building a competitive team to take on players from 

San Diego, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Seattle or Portland.


Eligibility for Men:  No higher GLTA rating than "C" (or USTA 3.5 in absence of GLTA rating).  You must have a valid and current GLTA or USTA rating to be eligible.

Eligibility for Women:  No higher GLTA rating than "B" (or USTA 4.0 in absence of GLTA rating).  You must have a valid and current GLTA or USTA rating to be eligible.

To try out, you MUST contact me at before the first practice/tryout session on Monday, June 13th.  All tryout sessions will be at San Francisco State University in the evening, and the schedule is below:

  • Monday, June 13 from 6-8PM
  • Tuesday, June 14 from 6-8PM
  • Friday, June 17 from 6-8PM

This year's team only has 2 months to prepare for the competition.  We will have at least 2 practice sessions per week, which may include a weekend session. In those two months, you will be given many opportunities to grow and improve your games. It will be a lot of work, but I promise it will be fun and worthwhile!!

While we may have a large number of players come out to the tryouts, please know that this year, I will be capping the team at 22 players.  And as in previous years, there will be two groups:  (1) a competing group consisting of the top 12-16 players who will compete in the tournament in Vancouver, and (2) a supporting group who will be more developmental and up-and-coming.  Regardless of which group you fall, every single team member will have the exact same opportunities with the only difference being that the supporting team players will not compete in the tournament.  However, the supporting team members can and should plan to go to Vancouver, they will receive team shirts, they will attend fundraising events, they will attend all practices with the entire team, and they will have the same game development opportunities as the entire team.  And as we've had in previous years, they may also be bumped up to the competing team should there be any injuries or conflicts.  And I cannot stress enough how important it is to have support on court!  Cheering and lifting up a player's spirit can make the difference in a tiebreak, or any other close match!  So our supporting team members are essential to the success of Team San Francisco!

Costs for WCC 2016 will be $300 per player for the two months training period. This will cover court fees, balls, coaching, team shirts, WCC team registration fees, misc. costs that come up, etc.  In addition, I will be offering out-of-practice small group sessions for team members who require or request any additional focused practices.  For those players who've attended previous WCC teams, or have attended any of my team clinics, they can expect the same style of instruction, but more strategy and game development.  Additionally, this year I plan to do more analysis and will use more statistics to help groom our team so everyone can play their best tennis.

Lastly, we are planning on having some fundraising efforts again this year to help offset the cost of airfare and accommodations in Vancouver. Kenny Chew has agreed to serve as the Fundraising Captain for the team.  Once the team is selected, Kenny will be reaching out to coordinate efforts.  

Looking forward to seeing you on court!

Dennis Sanchez

2016 WCC Captain

President, GLTF


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