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League Teams

Joining a USTA team is one of the easiest ways to get involved with tennis as a GLTF member. There are numerous types of leagues, and each brings something unique to the game of tennis:
  • Adult League is for players of the same gender at similar ranking
  • Mixed League is for similarly skilled players of the opposite gender
  • Combo League is for players of the same gender but of various rankings
  • Adult 40+/55+ and Mixed 40+/55+ are additional leagues and new to 2013!

You can learn general information about what you can expect by playing on a USTA League team by checking out our Team FAQ page.

See our USTA Polls and Results page for information about joining

In 2014, the League Calendar is modified to account for the new 40+ and 55+ leagues.  However - Adult, Mixed, and Combo remain the same.  Here are the scheduled dates for the different leagues:

2014 Season

     Adult 40+
Jan - Mar
     Mixed 55+
Jan - Mar
     Adult 18+
Apr - Jun
     Mixed 18+
Jul - Sep
     Adult 55+
Jul - Sep
     Norcal Combo  Sep - Dec
     Mixed 40+
Sep - Dec

How to Join Our Teams

  1. Join the USTA. To join any team, you have to be a member of the USTA. There's a yearly fee of $40.
    When you join, they will ask you to self-rate. Learn more about ratings here.
  2. Join the GLTF. You cannot play on a GLTF team without being a member. It's $30 per year. 
  3. Pick a team.  How do you do that? The best place to start is usually by looking on the USTA's website at the official GLTF Organization page, which lists all the GLTF teams for the existing (or upcoming) season. It also describes where each is located and ranking. Once you find one you think might be a good fit, there is a link that allows you to send the captain an email -- or if you have already contacted the captain, there is a link to register for the team. Of course you can register without contacting the captain, but the captain may already have a fully planned roster.

If you need help deciding which team is right for you, you can always send an email to our USTA Coordinator or our Women's Director. If you have any trouble navigating either of the USTA or GLTF registration pages or the team registration page, please contact our Webmaster.


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