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Meet the Board: USTA Director, Michael Derwin - With all the Rain, this is the person working to find us courts

Michael Derwin
Meet Michael Derwin
Michael lives in San Francisco
His USTA Rank is 3.0

Where are you from and when did you join GLTF?

I grew up in Waterbury, CT; went to College at Lehigh University in PA;lived for 8 years in Boca Raton, FL (VERY close to where Steffi and Chrissy had their homes at The Polo Club); came to SF in 1995; moved to Seattle 20​04 - 2008 and came right back to SF.  I'm here for good.  And Palm Springs.  I joined GLTF in the late 90's but became very active in 2011 when I joined the board.

If you had a mascot, who/ what would it be, and why?

Scooter is my mascot.  Why?  Because he is fearless on the court! ​

Meet Scooter

What 5 words, would you say describe your tennis game?

​I have no natural ability but-  ​(1) spent​ (2)​ ​small ​(3) ​fortune ​(4) ​on​ (5)​ lessons

What is your favorite shot to hit?

​Inside-in forehand.

Who is your favorite player?

​My favorite of all time is Lindsay Davenport.  She (like me) had the most technically sound strokes on the court; it's unfortunate that (like me) her movement wasn't stronger.  Hahaha.  I also love Steffi.  I love the "underdogs":  Chrissy during Martina's reign; Agassi during Sampras' reign; Nadal and Murray during Federer's reign; and of course Lindsay's entire career.

If your opponent had to pick a Pro Player, that has has a similar playing style to you... who would it be?​  ​

Paul Mabe says, I would be Ana Ivanovic, he believes we have similar styles, either we’re ON or not - plus we have similar ball tosses.

Which Grand Slam is your favorite and Why?

​The 5th Grand Slam.  No, not Indian Wells...The Lipton / Sony / Ericsson / ​NASDAQ / Miami Open.  I lived in FL at the time and it was the first time and got up close and personal with the pros.

Do you prefer Singles or Doubles, and why?

​Singles.  I need mental room on the court and those extra players just get in the way of my brainwaves.​

Which song would be your theme song, if you were walking out to play a final?

​Uprising by Muse.​  2015 Playoff match GLTF 3.0A against GLTF 3.0B.

Why do you play tennis?

​I live for that 1 memorable shot from a match that I can savor for days, regardless of the score.  Like a one-handed cross court backhand winner or inside-in forehand winner.  I try to make at least 1 of each every match.  Or like that time I won 18 points in a row on my serve in a doubles match.  But really, for me, it's all about the dopamine production in my brain as a result of playing tennis; and you know, dopamine rushes are addictive, right?

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