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The GLTF hosts a wide variety of both social and competitive events every year. Some events are open to the public while others are exclusive to specific groups of GLTF members. Unless otherwise stated, all GLTF members are encouraged to participate in each event. For a comprehensive view, take a look at our All Events of 2014 calendar.

Upcoming events

    • 07 Sep 2014
    • 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • San Francisco State University Tennis Courts
    • 3

    Ohana Women's Tournament 2014

    As usual, we've got a terrific mix of tennis and frivolity lined up... competitive tennis paired up with whacky non-traditional point-earning fun -- combined together for a Sunday you won't want to miss! Please come join us in your most-festive Hawaiian garb for an event you're guaranteed to enjoy!

    What we've got planned:
    • Closely-matched doubles team setup, with a format where each team plays throughout the event.  As always, there are two types of competition at Ohana -- 1) on the court, and 2) everything else.  ALL levels welcome and encouraged!
    • Bonus points added for various non-doubles activities (team outfits, skill testing) -- which actually can help you win!  Show your Ohana and dress in the spirit of Hawaii!  All teams whose members dress (must be both members) with some Hawaiian flair, will start the day with points before ever stepping on the court!
    • NEW for 2014: Have your team bring a dish to share for our lunch at the end of the day (we'll have coolers on-site for you to stash your prepared items)--all shared dishes will be entered in a "Favorite Dish" contest and voted upon by other participants.
    We hope to bring an extra aspect of community--and harken back for those of us old dykes who came of age in the era of lesbian potlucks!  If pulling together a dish to share is not your thing, no problem at all!  Based on sign-ups, we will augment the food for the day.  Bringing a dish to share will save your team $10 on entry fees.
    • Extra-great tennis-themed gift for ALL entrants! 

    The origin of "Ohana:"

    In modern Hawaiian culture, " 'ohana " means "family" -- in the extended sense of the word. Held annually since 2004, the Ohana Women's Tournament is a premier GLTF women's tennis event.


    Partner-up and register as a doubles team.  If you don't have a doubles partner to register with, contact us and we will do our best to match you up. One member of the team will register for both players -- both MUST BE GLTF MEMBERS. 

    Early Registration: Register by Monday, August 18th
    $60/team if bringing a dish to share

    Regular Registration:
    $70/team if bringing a dish to share

    Check-in begins at 9:15 the day of the event.

    Tournament Directors: Zoe Heimdal, & Winnie Fink, 
    • 13 Sep 2014
    • 9:00 AM
    • 14 Sep 2014
    • SF State

    Sissenstein Doubles Club Championship

    Come out and show your stuff at the doubles club championships.  Grab your partner and sign-up now. It's a great summer time opportunity for competition!

    Levels: When registering, we will ask you to identify the USTA level in which you and your doubles partner would like to compete (NOTE:  GLTA rankings will also be considered for the final draws and seedings so please sign up for the highest level between the two). We appreciate your flexibility in advance, as we will adapt the draw and groupings based on sign-ups.  If you have a team with mixed level players, you should sign up for the division of the highest level player.
    4.0 and above

    4.5 and above
    Structure of Play: Depending on the number of registrations in the respective category,  play will be regular draw with consolation round or round-robin.

    Registration: Cost is $65. Only 1 person should register per team, and that person will need to enter partner's name and email.  BOTH PLAYERS MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF GLTF.  Registration deadline is Sunday, September 7, 2014.

    Other Logistics: Snacks will be provided. Bring your own water bottle - there will be water available to refill your bottles at the courts.

    Questions: Please contact ICC Director, Craig Sabol, at if you have any questions.
    • 12 Oct 2014
    • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Mills College - East Bay
    • 20

    2014 BATTLE OF THE BAY: SF versus The Rest

    Who really rules the Bay?  Sign up for the Battle of the Bay to find out! This event is an opportunity for players of all levels to compete in a team environment specifically designed to help you play your best game possible, and bring out the spirit of friendly competition. There will be two teams: San Francisco versus The Rest of the Bay...East Bay, South Bay, and North, let's see who really rules the Bay! (Travelers are welcome, too, to join the rest of us.) 

    We'll play an hour and a half of team-based tennis games run by a local pro. Once you've got your shots dialed in and have bonded with your team, you'll play two no-ad sets followed by one last action-packed team game. Each set and game will be worth points; whichever team has the most points at the end of the day, wins!

    Not only will we have lots of fun, but this event will give many of us a chance to play side-by-side with GLTF'ers that we might not know or normally be on the same team with, while still giving us all an opportunity to play some competitive matches.

    There's only room for 10 Rest of the Bay players and 10 SF players, so register now!

    Questions? Contact Event Director:
        James Preston,

    Games with coach: 1.5 hours
    Break: 15 minute break
    1 set: 1 hour
    1 set: 1 hour
    Final wrap up game: 15 minutes
    Total Time: 4 hours, 1pm - 5pm

    Note: In order to keep costs low and be environmentally friendly, we will not be serving lunch or providing bottled water. Please make sure you have eaten and bring a reusable container for your water. We will have snacks on hand.

    Directions to Mills:
    Click here for Location/Directions via Google Maps        
    Note: if you are coming from SF, Berkeley, and points north, take I-580 east (MacArthur Freeway) toward Hayward-Stockton. Take the MacArthur Blvd. exit AFTER High Street (NOTE: THERE IS MORE THAN ONE MACARTHUR EXIT!! Make sure you take the correct one.) Bear right onto MacArthur Blvd.; Mills' front gate is immediately ahead on your left.

    After you enter the gate (see campus map here), there is parking on the main road or two large lots to your right as you enter. The courts are on your left just behind the first building on the left (Haas Pavilion) and next to the pool.

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10 Aug 2012 Second City Tennis Classic 2012
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28 Jul 2012 Sissenstein Doubles Championships 2012
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21 Jul 2012 Columbus Classic 2012
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29 Oct 2011 Halloween Tennis Brunch
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15 Oct 2011 Holloran Singles Club Championship 2011
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17 Sep 2011 Fundraiser for PacCup @ the Lookout!
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11 Sep 2011 Ohana Women's Tournament 2011
10 Sep 2011 Legends of GLTF Tournament
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12 Aug 2011 Second City Tennis Classic 2011
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24 Jul 2011 2011 North American OutGames
17 Jul 2011 Woods & White Round Robin
15 Jul 2011 Rocky Mountain Open
10 Jul 2011 How To Beat Moonballer Clinic
09 Jul 2011 Women's Summer Social Doubles

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